Our Missions :

  • Preserving handicrafts and heritage handicrafts through their inheritance from one generation to the next ( 7 handicrafts were transferred to the new generation through training courses, workshops and awareness campaigns in schools and women’s centers. “2360 trainees” in 53 programs and 30 workshops in 1870 hours ) .
  • Protect the industries from extinction and develop them and encourage the public taste needed through the development of handicraft products and contemporary with modern products and leading international brands (Bai Naima Al-Shuheil craft project) Production of 300 traditional design with a modern heritage .
  • Activating and Encouraging Women’s Role By financially financing a successful small project, 650 projects have been funded for 600 productive families .
  • Documentation of handicrafts and handicrafts through the work of videotapes illustrating how to work the craft and writing training curricula to train on these trades .
  • Training and rehabilitation of girls in the areas of mastery of crafts and management of small projects has been trained 2360 trainee .
  • Creating new job opportunities for girls in specialties that are not needed by the labor market or for those who do not have qualifications. 200 girls were employed in the fields of productive laboratories and training centers .